Pulled Over And Arrested For DWI? Contact A DWI Attorney In Suffolk County, NY Immediately

If you’ve been pulled over and arrested for a DWI, contact a DWI Attorney in Suffolk County NY immediately. Even if it’s your first DWI, the penalty, if convicted, will be determined through a variety of circumstances. Hiring an experienced attorney to vigorously represent you could end in a plea bargain to a lesser offense.

A first-time offender can have their driver’s licenses suspended for up to 90 days, receive fines, and even go to jail. If it’s your second offense, you could lose your license for six months and be required to go through an alcohol evaluation or a rehabilitation program before getting your license will be reinstated. This is in addition to going to jail and paying fines.

Refusing to take a blood or breath test can work against you. First, in criminal courts, they will consider it as an admission of guilt. Second, it is a civil violation separate from the criminal court. You can still lose your license and be responsible for paying fines through the civil court for the refusal of the tests. There is no specific answer for whether or not you should submit to a chemical test. The general rule is if there has been an accident or the charge is a felony, do not submit to the test. In any other situation, take the test.

If you’ve been arrested, a DWI Attorney in Suffolk County NY, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take your call. To keep cases moving through the justice system, a prosecutor may tell you to just plead to the misdemeanor because it’s not as bad as a felony. The problem with this theory is you still have a criminal record. If you get charged with another DWI in the next ten years, it is automatically a felony and you could go to state prison.

Hire an experienced DWI attorney in Suffolk County NY, if you’ve been arrested. Your future could be ruined by attempting to represent yourself or relying on a public defender. An experienced DWI attorney will represent you all of the way through a trial if necessary to prove your innocence or get you the best deal possible.