Questions clients should ask from an Injury Attorney

by | Feb 1, 2013 | Law

An injury attorney in Queens NY can handle wide range of cases. Because they handle injury related cases, many names have been given to personal injury lawyers including the most common — ambulance chasers. Various misconceptions have been propagated about personal injury lawyers. These misconceptions have painted the legal professionals as unscrupulous lawyers who encourage their clients to file so-called baseless lawsuits. The truth is, personal injury lawyers help their clients recover and get their normal lives back after an accident.

Finding the right injury attorney in Queens NY spells the big difference between winning and losing a personal injury lawsuit. Before hiring an injury attorney, gather as much information as possible from the accident scene. Call an attorney and arrange for a meeting. Go to the meeting with documents that support the case from police reports to doctor’s recommendations and even correspondence with the insurance company.

What qualifications should the injury attorney possess?

Though all personal injury attorneys are equal, some are more qualified and experienced than the others. Clients should know how long their attorneys have been in business. Find out how many cases have been handled by the injury attorney and their wining percentage. Inquire if any of the won cases are in the same area as the case presented.

What processes are involved?

Some personal injury cases can take a long time to have a decision. It’s important that clients find out all the processes involved and their options. Ask the lawyer what problems they expect to face and how they could handle those challenges. Finally, ask the lawyer how long they expect the case to run.

How does the lawyer charge for services?

There are many unexpected costs that may come up with the services of a personal injury lawyer. Find out how much is charged as retainer and if it’s refundable. Find out if the attorney will use the testimonies of expert witnesses and how much it will cost to have them testify. To avoid expenses, ask if the attorney can take the case on a contingency basis. If the lawyer agrees to represent the client on contingency, the client should ask the attorney if they have enough resources to take care of all costs till the end of the case. Find out if the attorney gives itemized bills of expenses. This helps the client keep track of the expenses.

Who handles cases?

In many law firms, the senior lawyer will undertake an initial interview with the client then delegate the case to junior attorneys. Ask if the case will be handled by the senior attorney or will be passed on to their support staff. If it would be delegated, ask to meet the junior lawyer who will work on the case.

Choosing an injury attorney is not an easy process. Clients should ask as many questions as they can to get all matters clarified before the start of the case. The most important aspect of attorney-client relationship is total disclosure of information.

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