Questions to Ask the Injury Lawyer in Louisville During a Consultation

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Lawyers

Have you always wondered what it would feel like to interview someone for a job? Well, if you have been involved in an accident and are looking for assistance from an injury lawyer in Louisville, you could experience this. No matter how minor or major your injuries are it is important that you work with an injury lawyer in Louisville who can assess your circumstances and calculate a settlement. With strong representation and complete guidance you will never feel lost, but the only way to seek out a specialist injury lawyer in Louisville is to prepare a list of questions and interview them, much like you would with an employee.

How Much Are the Attorney Fees?

Unless you find out how much the injury lawyer in Louisville charges at the very beginning, you could spiral into a pit of debt following the case, which defeats the object. Attorney fees can be charged in a number of ways, such as on an hourly basis or on a no-win-no-fee basis. A no-win-no-fee basis is best because if the lawyer is unable to successfully represent you in court, you will not need to pay anything. Some attorneys will charge a retainer fee, while others will provide clients with a payment plan to make things easier. Avoid surprises by confirming this and considering your budget during the consultation.

What Experience Do You Have?

Even if an attorney seems kind, caring and honest, you should not hire them until you find out more about their experience. An injury lawyer in Louisville must have plenty of courtroom experience and he or she must also know how to manage various types of law. If you were injured when on the roads or in work, check if the lawyer has managed cases like this in the past. Find out how long the attorney has practiced law in your state and inquire about their education. Ideally, an personal injury lawyer should have completed a Bachelor’s degree.

How Large Is Your Caseload?

You wouldn’t trust a doctor to perform surgery on you at the same time as he performs surgery on a handful of other patients, so why should you trust an injury lawyer in Louisville who has a large caseload? Find an attorney who has plenty of free time and ask them if they will be handling your case. Can you contact them whenever you want? An attorney who provides you with a telephone number, email address and fax number will be worth working with.

There are other topics to cover when you meet with the injury lawyer in Louisville, such as the caseload, the education, client testimonials, attorney fees and their overall style. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you meet the attorney because, after all, your finances, time and mental wellbeing are at stake. If you need money to afford your medical bills visit to gain powerful representation and win compensation.


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