Realizing The Dream Of A Debt-Free Life With An Aurora Professional Bankruptcy Attorney

by | Jan 28, 2014 | Lawyers

An Aurora Professional Bankruptcy Attorney assist you in realizing the chance to finally become debt-free by filing a claim. Through a bankruptcy claim you place all your debts into one option for repayment. With this option you receive a lower overall monthly payment that allows you to settle your debts effectively. After your debts are encompassed within this one payment option you can adjust your monthly budget which may allow you to breathe easier. To file a bankruptcy claim, contact the Law Office of Ledford and Wu.

Realizing the Dream of a Debt-free Life

With a bankruptcy claim, it is possible for you begin the journey to a debt-free life. Once this claim is filed, you begin making monthly payments that will assist you in paying off all of your debts. This presents you with only one payment as opposed to several which you may have juggled over the year. After you have completed the requirements of your bankruptcy case, you may begin rebuilding your credit. Your bankruptcy attorney provides you with credit counseling to assist you in this venture.

Local Bankruptcy Attorney

The Law Offices of Ledford and Wu provide you with a helping hand when you feel as though you are buried in debt and cannot find an effective solution. Through bankruptcy, these attorneys provide you with this effective solution that enables you to finally find the most beneficial option for resolving debts. The attorneys also provide you with assistance with your consumer rights and with litigation initiated by creditors. To realize the dream of a debt-free life, contact the Law Offices of Ledford and Wu or visit their website at


With the assistance of an Aurora Professional Bankruptcy Attorney, you receive a beneficial option to achieve debt-relief. Through bankruptcy, you have the chance to consolidate your debts into one payment plan. With this option, a judge and your creditors determine which debts are included into the claim and which are eligible for discharge. Once this hearing is concluded, you are instructed by the judge as to how you should proceed with your monthly payments and the date in which they begin. To learn more about effective bankruptcy claims and common stipulations, contact Ledford and Wu today.

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