Reasons You Need a Slip and Fall Attorney Cape Coral Florida

by | Feb 13, 2013 | Personal Injury

A slip and fall attorney is a personal injury lawyer who can be of great benefit to the victim of such an accident. Because most people do not understand or know that they can file a suit against negligent parties who contribute to such accidents, these cases often go unreported. A slip and fall injury happens when one trips, falls or slips due to the negligence of another, whether a business entity or an individual. Often, premise law states that the person who is legally responsible or owns a government, residential or business property is legally liable for injuries occurring on the property. This is if the injury was caused by faulty construction or negligence on their part.

There are several causes of slip and fall injuries and accidents. They include uneven stairs, inadequate or weak stair rails, uneven sidewalks, steeply sloping driveways, potholes, slippery floors, falling debris, construction hazards, poor lighting, blocked store aisles, unsafe balconies, liquids, water, oil, food or grease that may have poured on the floor. A slip and fall attorney Cape Coral Florida will look for the cause of the fall in order to determine if you have a case or not.

There are several reasons why you need to call in a slip and fall attorney if you find yourself in this position. The main reason for this is that you will be up against insurance companies who will themselves have their best lawyers working for them. In most cases, the insurance company will only want to release a small amount of money. Having a good and experienced lawyer on your side will mean that you can wring out every cent due you for the damages you have incurred. A good slip and fall attorney Cape Coral Florida will give proper guidance on the evidence you will need to collect to convince the court that you have a case and will also let you know what information you can reveal to the insurance company.

It is important to clarify that just because you slipped, fell, and were injured on somebody else’s property does not automatically make it his or her fault. Premise liability suits can be quite hard to prove due to the various legal issues most of which are quite complex. It is therefore prudent to call your slip and fall attorney immediately and give sufficient details of the accident. It is also imperative that the investigation carried out be most thorough with sufficient collection of evidence, eye witness statements, and other information. The onus will be on your slip and fall attorney to prove that the owner failed to maintain or provide a premise that was safe, or that the owner created hazardous conditions, or that the owner did not eliminate, warn or safeguard against the hazards.

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