Reminiscing The past When Visiting Lawyers In Wichita KS

Wichita; I have passed through it a few times and even stayed a day or two on business once; but it is more a place in my imagination than one of true memories. The Wild West, gun fighters and the nearby Dodge City – the tales, movies and then TV shows that I grew up with – these still filmy mind in idle moments. So; when the boss told me that I was needed for the preliminary meetings, at the office of a firm of Lawyers in Wichita KS; to discuss some legal matters over a business deal we had going in Kansas; my thoughts began to fill anew with cowboy thoughts.

I Wonder What It Was Like back In The Late 1800’s?

The law and Wichita that must have been a fascinating combination back then. Town sheriffs and US marshals standing up against gun fighters and notorious outlaws against a backdrop of warring cattle barons; new settlers and all the rest of the cowboy movie scene. I would guess that the Lawyers In Wichita KS must have lived in “interesting” times.

Wichita was officially founded in 1860 as a trading post along the Chisholm Trail and, due to access to the railroad; it attracted the cattle drives coming north out of Texas to such an extent that Wichita became known as “Cowtown”. I believe that Billy The Kid grew up in Wichita and Wyatt Earp was a deputy city marshal there before moving on to Dodge and Tombstone.

Back To The Present

Such cowboy thoughts were in my mind as I picked up a rental at Wichita Mid-Continent Airport and checked the map for the location of the offices for the Lawyers In Wichita KS that I had come to see. OK, I knew that the only signs of the old west that I would see would be if I could get the legal stuff quickly dealt with and then “do the tourist” bit; but, no harm in daydreaming while flying in. Actually, a bit of history did await me at the lawyers’ office of Fleeson Gooing (the Lawyers In Wichita KS that I had come to see). One of their current attorneys is the grandson of the lawyer who came to Wichita in 1886 and was one of the founders of the firm they are today.