Reorganizing Your Finances Through A Bankruptcy Attorney In Salt Lake City

by | Jan 4, 2014 | Lawyers

A Bankruptcy Attorney in Salt Lake City enables you to file a claim to achieve complete debt-relief. Within these claims, you include all of your debts for reorganization purposes. Reorganization ensures that you will pay a monthly payment to settle your debts. To initiate this process, your attorney files your claim and the court schedules a hearing. To learn more about bankruptcy claims, contact Lewis Adams and Associates.

Reorganizing Your Finances

Filing a bankruptcy claim empowers you to take control over your finances. Through these claims, you reorganize your debts into one monthly payment which allows you to fully manage these debts. It allows you to pay them off one-by-one instead of paying several payments. Over the course of your bankruptcy case, you are afforded the time you need to achieve the goal of becoming debt-free.
You may also receive credit counseling after your bankruptcy is completed. Credit counseling presents you with the possibility of re-establishing credit and repairing your credit score by maintaining your finances more effectively. This enables you to start over and achieve a debt-free lifestyle and take complete control over your current finances and your future needs.

Local Attorney

Lewis Adams & Associates primarily focus is bankruptcy claims. They provide consumers with an option to eliminate debts without major hindrances. Through consumer bankruptcy claims, these attorneys introduce all debts owed by the individual for inclusion. They assist clients with the prevention of garnishment, foreclosure, and repossession. To discover more about these bankruptcy services, contact this law firm locally or visit their website at


Your Bankruptcy Attorney in Salt Lake City files a claim to prevent the overwhelming stress of debt to destroy your life. Through these hardships, it is difficult to find a way to achieve your financial goals on your own. This is why it is urgent for you to consult your preferred bankruptcy attorney. An attorney can advise you and help you with these goals and allow you to achieve a debt-free lifestyle. To discover more about bankruptcy and how it can assist you with overwhelming debt, contact Lewis Adams and Associates.


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