Reviewing Obligations with Child Support Lawyers in Decatur, AL

In Alabama, child support payments are required in all divorce cases where a child was produced during the marriage. The couple has the right to establish child support payments in their divorce agreement. If the couple doesn’t agree to the terms, then the court renders a final decision. Reviewing the obligations with child support lawyers in Decatur, AL helps parents understand what is expected of them.

Calculating the Child Support Requirements

The state requires calculations to start with the total income of both parents. The total income is reviewed on the child support obligations schedule. Any additional costs related to any child produced during the marriage are added the base child support payment. Additional fees include child care, medical expenses, and tuition for attending private school.

Modifying Child Support Payments

The custodial parent has the right to petition the court and request an increase in their child support payments. The request must meet specific requirements, such as the parent must show why the increase is needed for their child. Custodial parents cannot request an increase just to inconvenience their former spouse.

Court-Monitored Child Support Payments

The child support orders may specify that the court will monitor or collect the payments. When ordered, the noncustodial parent submits their payments on the first of the month to the court directly. The arrangements are made when the custodial parent doesn’t want direct contact with their former spouse. The court tracks and enforces the court-ordered child support payments, too.

Deadbeat Parent Laws

The state of Alabama investigates any allegations of failing to pay court-ordered child support. Under deadbeat parent laws, the noncustodial parent is arrested and charged with a violation of the court order. The state retains the parent in custody at the county jail until the payments are caught up.

In Alabama, parents are obligated to pay child support payments each month. The court determines the exact payment according to how many children were produced during the marriage and the income of both parties. Parents who need advice or further explanation of their obligations should contact child support lawyers in Decatur, AL and get experienced legal counsel right now.