Reviewing SSDI And SSI With A Social Security Law Firm

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The Social Security Administration provides disabled individuals with two different forms of monetary benefits. These benefits include social security disability insurance and supplemental security income. These benefits are paid monthly according to specific factors that are outlined in the state’s guidelines. The following are details that review these benefits applicants can expect from a Social Security law firm.

What Are SSDI Payments and How Are They Acquired?

SSDI is a form of disability payment that is available to individuals who have worked previously. It provides monthly payments in the same manner as other disability options. The worker accumulates these payments over time and receives payments based on their lifetime contributions to the plan. However, these individuals must also provide evidence of the condition that has forced them to stop working. They must also submit an application for these benefits and wait for the approval of the SSA.

What Is SSI and How Are These Benefits Acquired?

Supplemental security income is awarded to individuals who have a disability that has prevented them from working at any point in their lives. The applicant must present the SSA with documentation that shows when the disability started and how it has affected their ability to become employed. Medical records and testimony from their doctor can provide adequate support for these claims.

Are There Income Restrictions for SSI?

Yes, if the applicant is a minor, there are restrictions applied to their parent based on their marital status. If the parent is single, they cannot make more than $2,000 each month. If they are unmarried, they cannot make more than $3,000 each month. If the applicant is an adult, they must provide proof of income for each party that lives with them. These income levels can decrease or increase the applicant’s monthly benefits.

The Social Security Administration can present applicants with a denial if they don’t meet all guidelines for benefits. These guidelines apply to disability eligibility as well as income restrictions. The applicant must meet all requirements, or they won’t receive benefits. Applicants who need assistance from a Social Security law firm should visit today.

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