Seeking Out a Divorce Law Lawyer in Lee’s Summit, MO When a Marriage Is Ending During a Person’s Senior Years

When a person is told by their spouse that filing for divorce is imminent, it is obviously a very upsetting moment. Even if the announcement was somewhat expected, hearing it makes the situation real. The problem may seem significantly worse if the couple is in their senior years. Another especially troubling factor for the spouse being left is if they have already been divorced once or twice. Seeking legal representation from a divorce law lawyer in Lee’s Summit, MO is paramount.

Divorce Rates

It surprises many people to learn that divorce rates among senior citizens are unusually high compared with other age groups. Researchers are unsure why this is happening, especially since those rates, in general, are down from previous years. It could be that baby boomers, who were always more likely to end marriages than other generations, are carrying this trend into their senior years.

Another factor in higher divorce rates is that people who have been divorced before are more likely to have this happen again. According to statistics published in Psychology Today, divorce rates for second marriages are 67%. People who have been divorced twice before face a 73-percent probability that they will be seeking out a divorce law lawyer in Lee’s Summit, MO at some point in the future.

Then and Now

Marriages that end amicably when the couple is young and have no children and no assets to speak of may not even require a lawyer’s help. However, a couple that has been together for decades and is in their 60s or older typically is in a complicated financial situation. Their finances have become thoroughly integrated over the years. They may share ownership of a primary home and a vacation cottage, and they may have retirement accounts and other assets.

The spouse who has been informed that divorce filing will take place soon needs an organization such as Dana Outlaw Law Office. An attorney will help the client sort through the complex details of this situation and achieve a financial outcome that is beneficial. That’s important for making a new start. You can also visit them on Facebook.