Selecting a Divorce Attorney

by | Sep 18, 2013 | Lawyers & Law Firms

In the 1950s and 60s there were about 5 divorces per 1000 married women, the trend has steadily grown to where the number is now about 30 divorces per 1000 women. To many this is an alarming statistic but it is something that is real and has to be dealt with. When faced with a divorce, selecting a divorce attorney in Birmingham AL is first and foremost but it must be understood that the attorney is the one who stands between you and your soon to be ex partner. This attorney will be the responsible party to see to it that your rights are not trod on; you expect him to obtain acceptable custody rights of the children as well as the marital property. Depending on whether you are the wife or the husband in the action you will want your attorney to either maximize or minimize support.

When you realize that a divorce is going to happen, like it or not, it becomes important that you hire the right attorney. If you have no reason to believe that your divorce will be anything but a civil affair, where the case will be negotiated and mediated, then you may need a lawyer with a certain disposition. On the other hand, if you think this is going to get ugly and be dragged through the courts, you will need a lawyer who knows how to fight with the gloves off. If the divorce is going to be knock down and drag out you do not want a divorce attorney in Birmingham who is better suited at negotiation, conversely, if the divorce can be clean and tidy and negotiated to the satisfaction of both parties, you will not want an attorney who will create issues that will only lead to a court room.

With the divorce rate being as high as it is in the United States, chances are you know a few people who have gone through one. Do not be afraid to ask these people for help, ask them outright how their divorce proceeded and whether they were satisfied with their attorney. Once you have a few names, arrange for an initial consultation. This is important as you will be revealing a lot of personal information and you need to feel very comfortable with the attorney you select to represent you.

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