Settle With the Insurance or Contact an Auto Accidents Attorney?

by | Mar 16, 2015 | Attorney, Law, Lawyers, Lawyers & Law Firms, Legal Services

After a car accident, you’re likely going to receive a settlement offer from the insurance agency. Most people simply accept this amount since it can take a while for a case to go through the courts. What they may not realize is that, many times, the insurance company isn’t going to offer you all of the money you’re entitled to. On top of that, going to a lawyer for help doesn’t mean that the case will drag out in court for years.

After an accident, the insurance company knows you just want everything to be over with so you can move on with your life. They’re likely going to offer you a quick settlement that should cover your car repairs and current medical bills. They may even give you money to cover a rental car until your car is repaired. Unfortunately, this may not be all you’re entitled to and, if it turns out you need future medical bills or money to cover lost wages, you cannot get any additional money once you have accepted their settlement.

If you speak with an Auto Accidents Attorney, they can make sure you’re going to be getting the settlement you deserve. They’ll make sure that all repairs, medical bills, lost wages, and any other types of compensation you’re entitled to are covered in your settlement. If not, they’ll begin negotiations with the insurance company. This is much faster than going to court and does, sometimes, result in an adequate settlement. If your case does go to court, your lawyer will try to make sure it’s completed as quickly as possible. Their fees will even be covered by your settlement, so that is one less thing for you to worry about as well. They’ll take care of all the worry so you can recover.

If you’ve been in an accident, it’s always recommended that you speak with an Auto Accidents Attorney before you accept the settlement from the insurance agency so you can see what your options are and make sure the settlement is adequate. If you have any questions or you’re in need of assistance for your car accident, contact James E. Hitchcock today.

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