Sexual Harassment Attorneys in Kutztown PA, Work Hard to Prove Your Case

Sexual harassment is never a joking matter even though the offender may think it is. According to the offender, the victims should be able to “take a joke” and “lighten up” despite the fact that the words being said are offensive, hurtful and make the victim feel awful and uncomfortable. It seems like no matter how much sensitivity training is on offer, some just don’t get the idea that they shouldn’t say awful things to others. The only thing that is going to get the message through is to retain Sexual Harassment Attorneys Kutztown PA to file a lawsuit.

The first step to take is to set up a consultation to find out if you have a case or not. It is possible to misconstrue a somewhat ribald office atmosphere as harassing. In that type of setting, a lawsuit is simply not going to hold up under scrutiny. A suit is more likely to be filed when there is definite evidence or an atmosphere that fosters the poor treatment of certain employees. Another type of sexual harassment is when one individual is singled out by another as the target of unwanted behavior. Sexual Harassment Attorneys in Kutztown PA can help you determine if your case is valid, and why.

One aspect of a sexual harassment suit is that they are, on the surface, difficult to prove. Courts don’t care for he said, she said type suits and dismiss them quickly. So even though you’re being victimized, you need solid evidence in the form of witnesses or a paper trail of some kind. The best type of evidence is the paper trail, be it virtual or physical. The attorney can request emails and instant messages during the discovery phase. If the perpetrator felt it necessary to put words into email or some other form, it can be used as evidence in court to prove he is engaging in morally reprehensible behavior.

Time is of the essence with this type of lawsuit. Don’t wait if you are on the receiving end of sexual harassment. Contact the Paul S Missan as soon as you can to discuss filing a case.