Signs of Bad Bankruptcy Attorneys in Jackson, MS

by | Jul 8, 2013 | Attorney, Lawyers

Going through bankruptcy or struggling with a mountain of debt is an extremely stressful time. A good bankruptcy attorney can help guide you out of this terrible situation. Here are some tips on how to determine good from bad Bankruptcy Attorneys Jackson MS and the surrounding Jackson area.

Takes Forever to Get Back to You

Good bankruptcy attorneys or their office staff will contact you in a reasonable amount of time after your initial call or email, even if it’s to tell you that they cannot take your case. Good attorneys know that your time is valuable. Getting back to you quickly is a sign of respect. They usually get back to you within two business days unless there is an extreme situation like a natural disaster.

Is a Legal Jack of All Trades

You know the old expression, “Jack of all trades, master of none”? Keep this in mind when choosing a bankruptcy attorney. Lawyers usually specialize in one, two or three branches of the law. Each branch is highly complicated. Attorneys that specialize in bankruptcy law or have considerable experience in bankruptcy law will be more familiar with Mississippi state and local laws better than a “Jack of all trades” type of lawyer.

Does Not Confuse You

Good attorneys of any legal specialization will take the time to explain the particulars of your case. They should not talk solely in legal jargon, but in every day speech. They shouldn’t ignore your questions, but listen to them and try their best to answer them. Good bankruptcy attorneys may recommend that you do not file for bankruptcy even if you think you should. They will explain why so you can make an informed choice. They should also clearly explain their legal fees and when payments are due.

Gives Estimates, Not Guarantees

When it comes to the American legal system, there are no guarantees. Laws can change or unforeseen situations can pop up in just about any case. Good bankruptcy attorneys will give estimates or their best guesses about how long your case will take or how the case will go, but they will never guarantee that a case will go your way.

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