Situations That Require A Child Custody Lawyer

by | Nov 9, 2012 | Lawyers

There is immeasurable joy that comes from sharing your life with that special someone. Love is a binding force that offers joy, friendship, trust and life. And while the marriage itself can be one of the most memorable moments in a lifetime it cannot compare to the love and joy that comes from having children. A child is something that completely transforms your life and enhances your family. And while the joys can be listed throughout this list, there are times when the joy of having a child can become a nightmare. This is not to say that children are monsters but rather, children can be a legal issue when the marriage union dissolves. Divorce is a real possibility that many people will face in their lifetime. While the divorce proceedings can be handled in a relatively simple fashion, child custody is something that requires a little more finesse. The following list will explain why a child custody lawyer is needed and the situations that can call for their expertise.

When a marriage is dissolved due to the unfaithfulness of a particular parent, child custody becomes a situation that is a little easier for the judge and the lawyers to work through. Infidelity is not seen favorably among the court and will usually result in the other parent receiving primary custody. A child custody lawyer is aware of the legal pitfalls that can occur during this process and they are knowledgeable in how to traverse this sensitive situation. It will ne important for you and your children to take full advantage of the legal expertise that these individuals can offer you.

Another situation that can call for the advice and counsel of a child custody lawyer is when abuse has been present in the home. If you or your children have been abused either physically or verbally, the best situation for your children is that they are shielded from the abusive parent. The courts will never allow for the child to be placed in a home that does not offer a sound foundation and the opportunity for love without abuse. A Child custody lawyer will have the best interest of the child at heart and they will work tirelessly to ensure that you and your children are provided for both physically and emotionally.

Finally, a child custody lawyer has the understanding to help you receive your child support payments as well as payments such as alimony. Divorce hurts and the proceedings that occur during the divorce case can bring about untold expenses. If your lifestyle and your child’s lifestyle is effected by the divorce then your attorney has a duty to make sure that your spouse sends enough money to you for the well being of your child.


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