Starting A Case With A Divorce Lawyer In Vandalia, OH

In Ohio, filing for divorce requires the individual to have all necessary details about themselves and their spouse. The petitioner must know why they want to file for the divorce and have any evidence for any allegations. A divorce lawyer in Vandalia, OH explains everything petitioners need to know when filing.

Grounds for Divorce

Petitioners have a full range of divorce grounds from which to choose. Fault-based grounds include bigamy, desertion, adultery, extreme cruelty, addiction, and incarceration. Incompatibility or a fraudulent contract are additional grounds used in fault-based divorce proceedings. All fault-based allegations require proof to substantiate the petitioner’s claim.

No-fault proceedings include irretrievable breakdown and irreconcilable differences. Petitioners don’t need any evidence to support a breakup of the marriage. However, the defendant must respond favorably to get an uncontested divorce.

Filing for an Annulment

The grounds for an annulment include but are not limited to underage parties, bigamy, mental incompetence, fraud, duress, and impotency. Petitioners must have evidence to support their claim to terminate the marriage and erase it from both party’s records.

What is an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce means that both parties agreed to the terms of the divorce and aren’t seeking any changes. If both parties agree and sign the documents, the couple waits the regulatory 60-day waiting period, and the judge signs their final decree.

If the defendant contests the divorce, the couple must attend mediation to discuss their differences and determine where compromises are possible. If mediation doesn’t work, the couple might have to attend a divorce trial. A divorce trial can last up to two years depending on how large the marital estate is. All renderings are completed by the judge and include property division, child custody, and child support.

In Ohio, filing for divorce requires explicit details about the marital estate and an estimate of how much it is worth. Discovery is conducted to find any bank accounts or savings accounts owned by either party. Child custody arrangements are based on the most suitable living environment for the child. Petitioners who want to learn more about the cases contact a divorce lawyer in Vandalia OH or visit us right now.