State Representative Arrested for Drunk Driving

by | May 9, 2012 | Lawyers

ABC-News Channel 3 out of Lansing is reporting that a video of State Representative Bob Genetski performing field sobriety tests will not be released by Michigan State University officials despite requests under the Freedom of Information Act. The University has refused the requests claiming that to release the video would be an invasion of the Representative’s privacy. The entire case is indicative of why anyone who is arrested for drunk driving in Lansing, Grand Rapids, or anywhere in MI, even if they do not have the high-profile reputation of a state representative, should contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Genetski was arrested in East Lansing in January on a drunk driving charge. Interestingly, Genetski’s own attorney is now calling for the release of the video of his client’s drunk driving. Genetski’s attorney has offered that his client is not comfortable telling the University what to do or not do with the video because of his position as the chair of higher education appropriations. But, the attorney added, he is also not embarrassed by anything on the video and would not consider its release an unwarranted invasion of his privacy.

The video was obtained by a Michigan State University police officer when he pulled Genetski over near campus. It is common for an in-car video to be recorded from the police officer’s vehicle whenever someone is pulled over in a traffic stop. Genetski was initially pulled over for travelling above the posted speed limit and for an expired license plate. Because Genetski appeared intoxicated to the officer on the scene, standard field sobriety tests were administered, at which point the attending officer requested that Genetski take a breath test. Genetski refused.

All of the particulars of his case are illustrative of why having a good attorney is essential. There are many variables at play in this situation: whether or not the officer had a reason to stop Genetski in the first place, the accuracy and reliability of the field sobriety tests that Genetski was asked to perform at the scene, and whether the results of the blood test that was finally administered when Genetski was arrested and taken to the police department were an accurate reflection of Genetski’s blood alcohol content when he was actually driving the car.

If you or anyone you know is facing a drunk driving charge in Grand Rapids, MI or anywhere else in the state, it is important to hire an experienced attorney who understands drunk driving laws and all of the particulars that could be crucial to establishing your innocence or getting charges against you reduced. Do not let a drunk driving charge ruin your reputation or your future. Contact a drunk driving attorney in Grand Rapids, MI area today.

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