The advantages of hiring an Order of Protection Lawyer Smithtown

If you want to get an order of protection because someone is threatening you, then you will need to serve them with the paperwork. First, an order of protection is a legal document that states someone has to stay away, usually within a certain amount of feet or distance, from someone else. Orders of protection are usually among people who know each other. And order of protection is a temporary solution to whatever problem or issue, but they are easy to obtain.

Although the order of protection is easy to obtain, your best bet may be to hire an Order of Protection Lawyer Smithtown to help you with the process. Once you hire an attorney, you will be directed to go to the courthouse and file the order against the other person you feel threatened by. You will have to prove to the court why you feel threatened and why you feel you need an order of protection.

Unlike other court documents, the person who the order of protection is against doesn’t have to sign it or be there in person in order for the document to be enforced. If they prefer to dispute the order, they will have to show up within a certain time frame of when the order is filled. They will, however, receive a notice in the mail or by a process server about the order of protection against them. The order will be served to the other person by the sheriff’s department so you don’t have to worry about coming into contact with that person.

Hiring an Order of Protection Lawyer Smithtown is a good idea because the lawyer is very knowledgeable about the rules associated with filing an order of protection. The serving party may also have their own attorney present too. That’s why it is a good idea to hire an attorney to present your side.

Order of protections can be difficult if children are involved or if the two parties live together. It’s obvious that someone will have to move out of the house, and that the children will have some difficulty with this decision. But if you feel filing an order of protection is the best decision for you, and perhaps the children, then don’t hesitate in following through. Your attorney will be there to walk you through the entire process.