The Benefits of Depo International’s Court Reporting Services

by | Dec 17, 2013 | Law

Court Reporting is the act of documenting what is said during court cases, depositions or arbitrations. Court reporters utilize a stenograph to record all statements made in court proceedings. These machines enable the court reporter to produce complete transcripts of the proceedings. Depo International excels in the field of court reporting and proudly offers you superior deposition services.

Products Offered by Depo International

Depo International provides exemplary court reporting services to aid attorneys in capturing the true events of the legal proceedings. These proceedings include hearings, arbitrations, and litigation cases. Deposition transcripts, as produced by Depo International’s certified court reporters and certified legal videographers, provide permanent records which provide attorneys with invaluable information.

Depo International offers transcription services for depositions and legal proceedings. Depo International offers transcription of legal notes, audio tapes, CDs and more. The products transcribed by Depo International’s certified court reporters can be made available as scanned copies which are added to indexed databases. The option to have scanned copies of recorded proceedings added to a database allows for easy access of records which saves attorneys an invaluable amount of time.

Local Service Provider

Depo International, a nationally and internationally recognized court deposition service provider, provides you with complete documentation for your court cases. Depo International enables you to generate a public record of legal proceedings from start to finish. Depo International’s services include transcriptions from audio tapes as well as other media-based recordings. This company also presents you with searchable and tabbed transcripts, providing you with an easy way to locate certain files when needed. To enlist the help of Depo International’s certified court reporters or certified legal videographers for your court proceedings, contact them locally at 800-591-9722 or visit


Depo International provides all of the services needed for a court case. These services provide full documentation of the case and offer a complete public record of the proceedings. Court reporters remain within the court room or conference room throughout the entire case to generate this record. Depo International’s court reporters produce complete transcripts which may submitted for public record. These records provide attorneys with insight into methods used to win cases and uphold the law.

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