The Divorce Attorneys in Mequon Are Experienced in Divorce Law

Divorce is a difficult process and it is often made more so by the hostility between the parties which reaches an all-out war at times. While this is absolutely unnecessary, it still happens because of the emotions involved and particularly so if there is a third party involved.

You often hear a friend talk about how he got a bad deal from the divorce court and lost everything. Many of these stories are a bit exaggerated, but when they are true it is likely due to several factors:

*   The party didn’t loose everything but it feels like they did.
*   Everything was in the other spouse’s name
  The judge was persuaded by an attorney to believe that most of the assets were created by one spouse and most should, therefore, be given to that spouse.
  A pre-nuptial agreement has been made.

An experienced divorce attorney will ensure that the law governing the division of assets during a divorce will be followed and this means a fair and equitable division of all assets. It is the attorneys task to get all of the information on the marital assets. Without this information he cannot properly present a plan to the court. The Divorce attorneys in Mequon have the experience to properly prepare a court order for the division of assets so each partner is treated equally and by the WI law. There are occasions when a client will yield to a less than 50/50 division of the assets because they believe keeping the old antique car is worth more than cash. The average family today does not have a significant amount of assets to quibble over. However, the spouses can fight over child support payments, but even these payments are stipulated by law. The judge does have some latitude in ordering the amount of the child support. This can be a controversial issue, but the judge tries to ensure that a child’s needs are protected. The Fraker Law Firm is experienced in dealing with divorce issues like this.

The best attitude for parties to a divorce to have is trust in their attorneys to obtain the divorce results which the law allows. The parties can help by approaching the divorce with an understanding the law covers it all. Click here for more information about divorce attorneys.