The Mergers and Acquisition Long Island Process

by | Dec 28, 2012 | Lawyers

It doesn’t matter if you’re a large company preparing to take over a smaller one, or if you happen to own a small family owned business and have recently decided to expand by purchasing a different business. When it comes to mergers and acquisitions you should not even think about making a move without first seeking the help of a lawyer.

When it comes to mergers and acquisition Long Island there’s going to be a mountain of paperwork that has to be sorted out, as well as terms that will need to be discussed and finalized. In addition to having to come up with terms both sides agree on, there’s also numerous laws and restrictions that will need to be adhered to. No one should try doing this on their own. The only way to make sure that everything gets handled correctly will be with the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

Before anything else can happen, the lawyers handling the mergers and acquisition Long Island will need to bring everybody together for a meeting. The purpose of the meeting will be so that everyone can discuss exactly what they want to happen as a result of the merger, as well as what the issues they want to avoid. The tone of the meeting should be calm and business like. If everyone agrees with the terms, the lawyers can get to work on the next step, which will be filing all the correct paperwork. In addition to discussing thing like the buyout price and what will happen to employees after the merger has been completed, liens and other debts will have to be dealt with.

One of the things that the lawyers will need to do shortly after the first meeting will be the creation of a non-disclosure agreement that all parties involved in the mergers and acquisition Long Island process will have to sign. What this agreement does is state that if the deal doesn’t go through, that neither party will discuss the reason it didn’t work, or the original terms of the merger.

The longest part of the merger process will be when the lawyers perform due diligence. This process is tedious and involves going over every single aspect of the sellers financial records. Once the lawyer has gathered up all the information about the company being sold, they will take the report to their client who will use it to decide once and for all if a merger will be a good idea.

While there can be certain financial advantages to hiring a lawyer who has just left school and is in the process of trying to build a reputation for themselves, it’s important to note that they might not have enough experience to really oversee the project. It’s best to look for a firm that has several lawyers on staff, some with a great deal of experience when it comes to mergers and acquisition Long Island. Having an entire firm on your side means you benefit from different viewpoints.

The Jaspan Schlesinger LLP hires a team of well trained, very experienced lawyers who do everything in their power to ensure that mergers and acquisitions Long Island get handled properly.

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