The Process of Getting a Divorce

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Lawyers, Legal

When people get married, they do not anticipate that their marriage will not last forever. Therefore, during the process of divorce most people are devastated. This is because a lot of emotions are involved and in some cases children are part of this too. This is never easy and that is why getting a lawyer that will make this process as simple as possible is the best thing that could possibly happen.

Divorce Porterville falls under family law and it is crucial for you to find a lawyer who is experienced in this field to represent you during this process. There are several lawyers that are experienced in family law therefore; caution should be taken when looking for the best lawyer to represent you. Divorce in Porterville can be a difficult or easy process; this is dependent on the two parties involved in the process. In some cases, the two parties might want to resolve things amicably through mediation. But in some cases going before a judge to decide on several issues cannot be avoided.

The first thing that happens is that one of the parties in the marriage has to file for a divorce through the court. This can be done through a lawyer, it is important to state the reasons for application of the termination of the marriage. The court will then give papers that have to be signed by both parties for the process to be complete. After getting these papers, the person seeking termination of marriage has to serve the other party with the papers.

  1. The two parties can decide to sign the papers and the process will be over but in most cases this is not what happens. The two parties might have to sit down with their lawyers and decide on things like division of assets, child custody and alimony. If these are decided then the two parties can finish signing the papers and the process will be over. However, if this mediation does not work out then the parties might have to go before a judge who will decide on the things that the two parties could not agree on. Division of property usually is a major disagreement especially in marriages that have lasted for a long period of time.
  2. The last thing that happens is that both parties sign on the papers. These papers are then taken back to the court where they are certified. It takes around three months for someone to be officially divorced. It is then that the divorcees are allowed to marry again if they want.

This process can be difficult and you need to be aware of each stage that you are going through. You can find more information on this process from



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