Things to know about getting pulled over for DUI

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Lawyers

Everyone knows that drinking and driving do not mix. Over the last few years the laws have changed significantly and the penalties for drunk driving are stiff. However, if you have been drinking and you pulled over by a police officer, there are a few things that may get you off the hook and avoid the need for DUI lawyer in Charleston.

Obviously, the best way to steer clear of a DUI is not to drink and then drive. If you have been drinking and you doubt your own ability, take a cab or a bus or call a friend to pick you up and take you home. The best thing that can happen if you get stopped for DUI is losing your license, paying a fine and costs and maybe a stint in jail. The worst thing that can happen is you or an innocent individual dying due to your negligence.

The second thing to remember if you are pulled over; be polite to the officer, the only place belligerence will get you is in jail.

Thirdly, do what the police officer asks of you. If you are asked to get out of the vehicle and you refuse, you can be arrested. You do not have to say anything to the officer until your with your DUI lawyer in Charleston, but you are advised to follow his commands.

If you were stopped because you’re driving appeared to be erratic, you were weaving from lane to lane for example, you will be subjected to a field test. The field test is a short simple way that gives the officer an indication of your inebriation. The tests may be standing on one foot for a minute or following a light with your eyes. These tests are not easy to do if you are drunk.

Although you will just make it more difficult for your DUI lawyer in Charleston, you can refuse to take these tests. You have every right to tell the officer that you do not wish to take the tests. There are no demands on you to explain your action, however, refusal can be used against you once you get to court. This is different that your refusal to talk, what you don’t say cannot incriminate you.

The tests have been carefully designed to allow the arresting officer to spot signs of inebriation. If you have had nothing to drink, then by all means, subject yourself to the tests, the officer will see that you perform well and pose no danger to anyone or anything and most likely will let you go.

If you have been drinking and driving, then refusal may be the correct thing to do as the results of the tests only provide the court with more evidence. It will be difficult enough for your DUI lawyer in Charleston, do not give the court any more evidence than they already have

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