Things You Need to Know About Child Support in Sullivan Indiana

When a relationship, whether it is a marriage or not ends and the couple has a child, each of the parents is supposed to make sure that the child is well provided for. It is quite unfortunate that some parents do not take this responsibility seriously. In case you are the spouse that got custody, a guardian or other custodian and are dealing with such parents, the law has provisions that allow you to follow up on child support in Sullivan Indiana. Here are a few important things that you need to know about the process.

When to file for child support

According to the country’s laws, the bill of rights and the United Nations convention on children’s rights, every child has a right to care from both parents. This is a fundamental human right for the child. This means that a person that has abandoned their parental responsibility is liable for punishment within local and international legal systems. You can sue for child support if:

  • You are divorcing and need support for the kids from your partner.
  • You and your partner had a child out of wedlock, and they have refused to acknowledge or support the child.
  • If you are a custodian to a child whose parents have refused to provide for despite being financially capable.

Challenges of custody cases

The cases for Child Support in Sullivan Indiana may seem easy and straightforward, but they involve a lot of intricacies and complications. For instance, in a case where the couple never got married, there are people that will want to make arguments such as doubting the paternity of the child. In such a case, you will need a lawyer to oversee the process of getting a DNA test administered to prove paternity.

The other challenge that comes with the cases is getting a way to prove that the spouse is earning enough to support the child. Normally, a court will order an investigation to the person’s financial situation. This will help establish how much support the child is owed and impose it.

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