Three Major Benefits of Hiring a Disability Lawyer Olathe

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Lawyers

If you have recently been declared disabled, or have been disabled for sometime, but are not receiving the proper benefits, you need to consult with a disability attorney. The laws centered around disability benefits can be extremely complex, and in most cases, it can take months to get approved and start receiving your benefits. Rather than go through this difficult experience alone, a Disability Lawyer Olathe can walk you through the process. In case you still aren’t convinced, here are three major benefits of hiring a disability attorney to represent your case.

One of the benefits of using a disability attorney is that they will take the time to review your case thoroughly. Unfortunately, most people who apply for disability benefits are rejected the first time out. The main reason for being rejected has to do with not understanding the eligibility requirements, or not filling out paperwork correctly. An experienced attorney will go over your medical records, and tell you if you are truly eligible to receive any benefits or not. If you are, they will help you fill everything out correctly, and submit it on time.

A Disability Lawyer Olathe will be able to help you file an appeal if your claim is rejected. Many individuals who are rejected early in the application process often give up, rather than continuing the fight for their benefits by filing an appeal. A solid lawyer will know the appeal process quite well, and can help educate you about it. This will ease your stress and anxiety, since you will feel prepared.

When a person goes into a hearing to receive disability benefits, they will have an interview with an Administrative Law Judge. The judge will ask a series of questions in an attempt to ascertain whether your disability and your financial situation make you eligible to receive compensation. Your lawyer will help you to prepare for the type of questions you will need to answer. Having this time of preparation will make the experience less stressful, and will dramatically improve your chances of winning the case. It is critical to only give the information asked for, which is another benefit of this type of preparation.

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