Three Things to Ask a Prospective Criminal Attorney

by | Oct 17, 2014 | Legal Services

If you need a criminal attorney, it’s not a good idea to pick a random name from the phone book. It’s much more important that the attorney is well versed in the type of case you have. Before choosing an attorney, ask questions to make sure the attorney is the right fit. There are many things that could be asked, but these three questions are among the most important.

1. How long have you been an attorney?
That might sound like a simple question, but it can represent so much. Every attorney should be happy and proud to answer that question when asked by potential clients. Every attorney has to start somewhere, but it’s not always a good idea to take a chance on someone with very little experience. An attorney who has handled numerous similar cases will generally be a better choice.

2. Have you always worked in criminal defense?
It’s great if the attorney has been in the field for 20 years, but what if 18 of those years were spent doing another type of law? That would be similar to getting a very new attorney, and wouldn’t really benefit. Don’t be fooled by someone who seems to have a lot of experience. Instead, find out what that person’s experience is actually in, and how much of it is relevant to what you need. The right attorney will have years of experience in the proper practice area to handle your case.

3. How many of your clients face charges similar to mine?
It’s important to locate a lawyer that not only has a lot of experience in the right practice area, but who has plenty of knowledge when it comes to specific charges that you may be facing. That knowledge could be what makes or breaks the case, so pay close attention to it. Ideally, it’s important to hire an criminal attorney who has handled many cases that are as similar to yours as possible. That gives not only knowledge in the practice area, but information that will help a specific situation, which can be highly valuable with criminal defense issues.

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