Three Times You Will Need a Probate Attorney

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Probate courts are where estate issues are settled. The process can get complicated and lengthy. To make matter more confusing, there can be a lot of complex terminologies. Often families and estate executors rely on a probate attorney in Hollywood, FL to handle legal issues. A large portion of the issues can often be handled by a paralegal or other experienced probate expert. However, there are three times when you will need the help of an estate lawyer.

Handling Contracts
Some legal documents like deeds and disclaimers need to be properly prepared so the wishes of the deceased can be fulfilled. Contractual issues can vary greatly and often involve business transactions such as co-ownership. A probate attorney in Hollywood FL can help work through complex issues like when siblings inherit a family-owned business.

Sadly, following a death, issues can cause tension and conflicts among heirs. Families can be torn apart through arguments and hold bad feelings toward each other. Estate lawyers can help mitigate situations such as these and help keep harmony in the family. Sometimes, a will’s validity is in dispute, other times a deceased individual may have remarried and had more children with a second spouse. There can be many conflicts a probate attorney in Hollywood FL can help mitigate.

Court Proceedings
Some situations make it necessary to go before a judge. If this occurs, you will likely need a lawyer. If estate documents or wills were not written clearly, the heirs may need the court to help interpret them. It’s a good idea to have a lawyer present. If someone challenges the will, it could end up in litigation. Each party would want a lawyer’s representation if it goes to court.

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