Three Types of Cases that Should Be Handled by Aurora Family Lawyers

Hiring a family lawyer is important for those who wish to consult professional help concerning family matters. At Fay, Farrow & Associates you can be sure that your needs will be taken care of no matter how complicated they are. This includes services for adoption proceedings. Adoption is a great way for families to grow and include new children in their lives. However, the adoption process is not always easy, so having Aurora family lawyers walk you through the process is always a good idea. The adoption process should not be done alone, so meet with a trusted attorney to get started. With a lawyer, you will go through the standard adoption procedure, which will include consent to adoption from the birth parents, an investigation into the adoptive parents, and an adoption hearing. Your lawyer will want to make sure that their client is financially stable and will be able to care for their new child before granting them approval.

Legal Separation

Legal separation can be a little tricky to understand. If a couple is separated, they no longer live with each other whether they have agreed to a divorce or not. If a couple is legally separated, they have taken the required steps through court proceeding in order to change their marital status from married to separated. Legal separation is different from divorce since being separated means that a couple is still married, but not living together Your Aurora family lawyers will be able to explain all the details and process of legal separation, as well as what is involved to file divorce papers should that be agreed to in the future.

Property Division

Property division occurs after a couple gets divorced and wants to divide their things. Having a family lawyer help the couple with this is the best way to ensure that there won’t be any arguing between each other should the process not go smoothly. Property division is more than just material items; it also includes debts, inheritance, pensions, and houses. An attorney will be able to draw up a property settlement agreement that both parties are satisfied with. If a couple decides not to hire a family lawyer for property division, they could end up arguing in court and making the process much harder on them.

Family lawyers know what it takes to resolve any issues to satisfy their clients. You will be set up with one of the many professional family lawyers Aurora has to offer depending on what your needs are. They have lawyers in many different practice areas that are experienced and dedicated to helping their clients.