Tips for Working With the Best Repossession Attorney

by | Jan 12, 2015 | Lawyers & Law Firms

When you finance a car, it is not fully yours until your loan is paid off. The loan holder has the right to take your care back if you do not meet the requirements of your loan. In this instance, the loan holder does not need to go to court to take over possession of the car. They can simply repossess it. Though the loan holder has the right to repossess your car, there are rights you hold as well. If you feel your rights are not being addressed properly, you may want to consider working with the Best Repossession Attorney.

  • •   It is important you thoroughly go over your loan documents so you will know when a repossession can legally take place. If your car was taken before this time, you may have a right to pursue a case against the loan holder.
  • •   When a repossession is carried out, it must be done peacefully. In some states, you may tell the repo agent you do not want your car taken. They have to honor your request, though this will not stop the process indefinitely.
  • •   A repossession agent is never allowed to threaten you in any way. If you feel intimidated or threatened during the repossession, make sure you let the Best Repossession Attorney know.
  • •   Repossession agents are never allowed to enter enclosed properties to take your car. This means they cannot enter your garage or a gated home.
  • •   You have the right to retrieve your personal belongings from your car. If the repossession occurs when you are asleep, the repo company must inform you of where your car is being held so you can obtain your property.
  • •   If your lender sells your car, you may be hit with a deficiency judgement. This means the lender did not get the full value of what you owed.

If you are dealing with any of these issues surrounding a repossession, an attorney can help. Contact an attorney who works in repossession cases so you can get the legal help you need. This will ensure your rights are protected throughout the entire process of repossession. Click Here for more details.

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