Treadmill Injury Victim Seeks Damages

by | Feb 16, 2013 | Law

Every day hundreds of San Antonio residents use treadmills in their homes or at fitness centers in order to get their daily exercise. In most instances, their use of such machines occurs without incident. However, if a treadmill has been improperly calibrated or inadequately maintained, serious injury can result. If you have been the victim of injuries that occurred because of a product that was defective or that was not properly maintained or repaired, you may be entitled to compensation as a result. Contact a San Antonio injury lawyer as soon as possible in order to find out.

With regard to treadmills, a man recently broke his hip on a treadmill that he and his lawyer maintain was improperly repaired. The faulty repair is what the injury victim claims resulted in a sideways incline on the treadmill that led to his injury. According to the man, he had called for service on his Pro-Form XP 500 treadmill and received service the following day. However, after the repair tech had repaired the motor and replaced the tread, the man tried to use his treadmill and experienced what his lawyer described as excruciating pain.” The man allegedly sustained a broken hip, a serious personal injury, because the walking platform on the treadmill was not level and the belt was moving at a speed greater than what the setting indicated.

Because of the seriousness of the injury suffered the man, with the help of his lawyer, is seeking compensation for pain and suffering, medical costs, mental anguish, disfigurement, loss of consortium, loss of income, loss of enjoyment of life, and related court costs and lawyer’s fees. He alleges that the repair company was negligent in its failure to properly and correctly repair the treadmill and left it in an unsafe and injurious state.

Obviously any serious injury that you suffer will cause a considerable amount of pain and difficulty, but when you know that the injury could have been avoided were it not for the negligence or inattentiveness of another, your San Antonio injury lawyer has the experience and know-how to help you in your efforts to obtain whatever justice may be due you as a result of your injury. In addition, your injury lawyer will serve as an aggressive advocate on your behalf, working to ensure that your rights are protected.

A San Antonio injury lawyer can provide you with the legal counsel and representation you need if you have been unjustly injured due to the negligence, recklessness, or inattentiveness of another. Make sure that you get whatever remuneration you may be due if you have sustained a personal injury by contacting a San Antonio injury lawyer today.

When accident victims are looking for a San Antonio injury lawyer, one of the concerns is affordability. The Law Offices of George Salinas make it easy and affordable for you to pursue your rights and whatever justice you may be due by working for you on a contingency basis. You will never owe any fees until a recovery is made because injury lawyer George Salinas operates from a philosophy that believes that money should never stand in the way of your ability to get the help you need. Contact the Law Offices of George Salinas today at  or call 210.225.0909 to schedule a free consultation today.

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