Tripping Up the Stairs: It Happens, and It Might Not Have Been Clumsiness on Your Part

by | Aug 27, 2012 | Law

When the law talks about a “slip and fall” injury, it does not necessarily mean that the victim actually slipped. It can refer to any injury that is caused by the negligence of a property owner. So, for example, uneven flooring, cracks in sidewalks, and poorly lit stairwells can contribute to this type of injury just as much as a spill on a floor can. If you have suffered such an injury, a slip and fall lawyer will be able to evaluate your case to determine if the property owner is liable under Pennsylvania law.

For example, municipalities in the state of Pennsylvania have various building codes governing stairways, their construction, and required safety rails. Many individuals are injured in stairwells not because they slip and fall, but because they trip up the stairs when a foot does not clear a step. Often, this can be an incredibly embarrassing fall because it may appear that the victim tripped merely due to clumsiness. However, if the stairs are of uneven depths, or if each step is not of equal depth, it is very easy to misjudge the clearance needed and to trip up (or similarly) down the stairs and incur serious injury.

Depending upon city building codes, there are various guidelines for how tall each step in a stairway should be. If those codes have been violated in any way, your lawyer will be able to gather the necessary evidence to prove that the owner of the building is liable for your “slip and fall” injury. Whether the deviation from code is visible to even a casual observer or it must be measured and described in detail, a lawyer committed to the investigative work required by your case will be able to mount a strong argument as to why you are due compensation for your injuries.

In addition, your lawyer will be able to serve as an advocate on your behalf such that it may not even be necessary to take your case to trial. In many instances, once property owners or insurance companies realize that a victim has retained the services of a lawyer who knows Pennsylvania law, they are much more willing to negotiate a just and agreeable settlement.

If you have been involved in any type of “slip and fall” injury, contacting a lawyer familiar with the laws surrounding premise liability in the state of Pennsylvania is your best course of action to obtain the compensation that you will need to cover medical bills and related expenses. Contact a lawyer today to begin building your slip and fall case.

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