Typical Working Criteria of a Criminal Attorney in Orange County

by | Nov 9, 2012 | Law

A criminal attorney, Orange County is important in the event of suspicion of committing a crime and eventual arrest. Cases involving homicide, which is a felony, will require that you get a criminal attorney to help you fight the criminal justice system. If you are currently on parole or probation for a past felony, you will most definitely require the services of these attorneys. A capable criminal attorney is important for people accused of serious felonies as well as those accused of lesser crimes such as simple assaults or theft. This kind of legal representation is important if you want to emerge victorious.

The primary responsibility of an able criminal defense lawyer is to provide you with sound legal advice and representation. By doing so, they ensure that your rights are not trampled on and that you get the chance to a fair and free trial. The lawyer examines the circumstances that make up your case and weighs the strength of the evidence presented against you. Your criminal attorney will then come up with a strategy that he or she thinks will work in your favor. In this regard, the attorney may use a combination of current laws, and earlier legal precedent to come up with a solid strategy that is sure to get you an acquittal.

In the event that there is enough evidence of your innocence, a criminal attorney, Orange County will leverage this to come up with a formidable defense. If there is little evidence to support your case, the criminal lawyer will embark on a methodical investigation to uncover unknown witnesses, hidden evidence, and any other mitigating factors. All these factors serve to strengthen your case. Most criminal cases in Orange County have a pre-trial phase and the actual trial. The pre-trial consists of expert discovery, legal motion and investigative techniques. The pre-trial phase helps the attorney to prepare thoroughly for your case.

Legal counsels make use of effective cross-examination, questioning, alternate theory presentation, and legal challenge during the trial phase to ensure that you get a fair proceeding. The main reason for doing this is to raise reasonable doubt among the jury and the presiding judge as concerns your guilt. If the outcome of your criminal trial is not in your favor, the criminal attorney, Orange County will have had the necessary experience to file an appeal on your behalf. It is important to have a ready list of questions when you meet the criminal attorney for the first time. This ensures that you do not forget any of them.

When speaking to your lawyer, ensure that you do so freely without holding anything back. There are stringent confidentiality rules that bind all attorneys. They cannot reveal anything that you discuss with them.

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