Understanding The Services Provided By A Real Estate Attorney In Washington, Indiana

A Real estate attorney Washington Indiana can ensure that your property is distributed in the manner in which you choose. As a stipulation of your will, you may order that specific properties be awarded to the family members of your choice. Your selected real estate attorney will oversee this process to ensure that the terms of your will are rendered as you specify. This includes ensuring that property titles are transferred to the required family member without difficulties.

Disagreements After Your Death

In the event that your families begin to argue over the way in which you chose to distribute your real estate property, a real estate attorney may step in and prevent legal actions. Your will is a legally binding contract that allows you to determine the way in which you want your property divided among your family members. As a legal contract, it is enforced through the probate court, and a Real estate attorney Washington Indiana can protect your interests by ensuring that the correct family member receives property based on legal distribution.

Divorce and Real Estate Property

If you or your spouse are ordered to surrender the title of a given property, a real estate attorney can ensure that this process is handled correctly. This will provide him or her the right to step in to transfer the title to its rightful owner. Typically, a judge will assign someone to monitor these transfers if the divorce went to trial. This individual must report back to the judge in the event of a disagreement or failure to provide the deed.

Legal Representation

The Feavel Law Office provides you with legal services that include property distribution, child custody, child support, and mediation services. If your case falls within any of these categories, it is possible for you to acquire legal representation from this law firm. If you would like to schedule a consultation; you may contact Mr. Feavel at his local number listed on his website.


A real estate attorney can distribute your property adequately. He or she can determine the way in which you wish to distribute your property based on your will. This legal contract is enforced in the probate court. After a divorce, a real estate attorney may assist newly divorced couples in the title transfer process.