Videography: the Wave of the Present in the Modern Courtroom

by | Apr 18, 2013 | Lawyers & Law Firms

What was once thought of as the wave of the future has become so commonplace in the modern courtroom that one wonders whether it can rightfully be referred to as a wave at all. But regardless of what you call it, one thing is for certain: videography and video depositions have changed the landscape of the courtroom and trial proceedings. Your firm can take advantage of all that video depositions have to offer by retaining the services of a litigation support in Maryland. Though video depositions are one of the most important forms of support that such a company can offer, there are many others, including interactive real-time court reporting, transcript archival and retrieving, and website video technology.

The benefits of video depositions as a form of litigation support cannot be overestimated. As one attorney in a recent case explained, the ability of jurors being able to see a videotaped testimony on a big screen offers an immediacy that a transcript being read aloud in the courtroom lacks. The attorney went on to say that in a particular case, it was the video testimony that provided the turning point and altered the outcome of the trial. Often, that kind of litigation support can be crucial to a case, and having the visual images that accompanies a particularly emotional or dramatic testimony often provides a powerful impact.

Litigation support is meant to help your firm achieve the maximum level of success in court, and videography certainly provides that opportunity. Because your attorneys can be incredibly creative in how they present a video testimony, your litigation support team can help your legal team to begin thinking outside of the box when it comes to depositions. Rather than taking a deposition in a paneled conference room, video testimony can be taken at an accident site or in a hospital lobby.

However, using video as litigation support can also backfire because inasmuch as a dramatic, well-filmed video can have an impact on jurors, so too can a poorly made video in which the deponent looks uncomfortable, mumbles throughout the testimony, or fails to look at the camera. That is why having a professional videographer with a litigation support company is so essential so that your video is high quality and professionally done.

If your firm has not been taking advantage of the possibilities inherent to videography and video depositions, contact a litigation support company in the Maryland area to learn about the options available to you so that you can take your firm to the next level of excellence.

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