What Are Disability Benefits From Social Security?

by | Jan 21, 2015 | Attorney

Social Security in the United States provides monthly monetary payment for those individuals suffering from a physical or mental disability. There are two different schemes; one applies to those applicants who have worked long enough to accrue sufficient work credits to qualify for Social Security disability insurance, the other may be available to disabled people who have not worked enough to qualify for SSDI, this program may even be available to children who are disabled.

To qualify for SSDI benefits the applicant must meet very strict standards that have been set by Social Security in Garden Grove. In order for an applicant to be granted the available benefits he or she has to have worked for a specified time period which varies based on the age when the claimant became disabled but ceases at the age of retirement when retirement income becomes available from Social Security. The administration must be satisfied that the disability will stop the claimant from working for at least one year or that the claimant will suffer death as a result of their disability.

If the application for benefits is granted, the monthly payments will last until such time that the disability is no longer an impediment to the claimant returning to the work force or the claimant reached retirement age. Upon retirement the benefit becomes retirement earnings rather than be classified as a payment for disability even though both come from Social Security. There are certain specific instances where a small stipend may be available to a dependant of the disabled individual, these payments are small but for those in these circumstances they can help.

Supplemental Social Security in Garden Grove is uses the applicants disability and financial circumstances as the criteria for payment. It may be that the claimant’s income is greater than that allowed; this being the case benefits will be denied. In either case; disability or income, it may be that the claimant will have to prove that the disability continues. If the disability claim is legitimate and after review is denied the claimant has every right to hire a Social Security attorney and appeal the decision.

When application is made for Social Security disability benefits the claimant will often have to be seen by a doctor working for the agency. Unfortunately, many applications are denied outright, the fact is that the denial rate is quite high and should it happen to you, you have the right of appeal. Visit The Law Offices Norman J. Homen for more.

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