What are the duties of notaries in Lancaster PA?

by | Jul 8, 2013 | Legal Services

Notaries in Lancaster PA often referred to as Notary Publics or Public Notaries are people who have been granted certain privileges by the state they reside in or the local government to act as official witnesses to the signatures affixed to official documents. The notaries can also administer oaths and take sworn statements. The notary is given an embossing tool that he uses to signify that he was present at the time the documents were signed or the oath or statement was given. In most states the notary is given a unique number that is part of the seal and is used to avoid forgeries or other fraudulent uses.

An attorney can be a notary as can other responsible public figures. No legal training is required of notaries in Lancaster PA. To be recognized by a court of law, many documents must be notarized, as a result the notary spends a great deal of his or her time notarizing signatures on a routine basis. The identity of the individual signing the document must be proven so it may be necessary for the notary to spend some of the time verifying that the signatory genuinely is who he says he is. The traditional method of collaborating identity is for the notary to demand official identification documents such as the applicants drivers license, passport, birth certificate, etc.

To witness the signature and affix his seal and signature, the notary public has the right to charge a fee for the service; however, the fee cannot be excessive. Notaries can be found in different environments; a very large law firm may have a notary on staff full-time, conversely, the owner of a store can also be a notary and is free to advertise his or her services, the hours, etc.

If the notary is not a practicing attorney he or she cannot give legal advice. What a notary does is simply witness the signing of the document, this act does not make the document a true and legal document; it could be a false statement and later be found fraudulent in a court. A notary public cannot be held liable for this fraud as his only job is to witness the signature, not to attest to the truth veracity of the document.

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