What Does Accident Attorney in Kenosha Do?

An Accident Attorney Kenosha handles disputes regarding damages and negligence. Negligence has a broad definition, but it means when a company or person fails to act in a safe manner, which causes damage or injury to another person or property. The attorney will gather the facts from his client and other parties involved in the case.
When to Call an Accident Attorney
An Accident Attorney Kenosha can help you with many types of cases. Call an attorney for a consultation for the following:

  • Car accident
  • Fall or other injury while on personal property or at a business
  • Animal bite
  • Fees

Accident Attorney Kenosha usually have a contingency fee and not an hourly fee. This means the attorney receives a percentage of the settlement or judgment. The attorney does not get paid unless his client wins the case. The percentage the attorney receives depends on the attorney and the agreement, but it is usually around 30 to 40 percent of the total amount.


You have the option to settle the case before it goes to court. A settlement means both parties agree on the amount of money the plaintiff will receive from the defendant. It does not mean an admission of guilt for the defendant, but it does mean they will have to pay a settlement.

One major advantage to a settlement is time. Although the settlement may be less than a judgment, the process is often shorter by months or years.
It is also a guarantee for the plaintiff that they will receive an amount they are comfortable with. The judge could order the defendant to pay less than the amount of the proposed settlement if the case goes to trial.

Victim Protection

An accident attorney will protect the victim’s rights during the trial and settlement. The attorney is familiar with time restraints, so he will ensure that paperwork is filed before the deadline. He will also stand up for the victim in court to persuade the court for a higher settlement. Cases that use an accident attorney usually get a higher settlement or judgment than those who use attorneys who do not specialize in this area of law.