What factors are considered in a drug offense case?

Most countries have laws that regulate the manufacture, distribution and use of drugs. Many drugs are perfectly legal when they are obtained via a doctor’s prescription and taken as prescribed, other drugs are deemed illegal and fall under the full force of the countries drug laws. A drug offense lawyer in Atlanta is often called upon to defend someone who has been charged criminally with a drug offense, the offense can be in connection with the possession or distribution of both legal and illegal drugs. Illegal distribution of drugs normally considered as prescription drugs is a criminal act, no different than distributing cocaine or crack.

In some countries it makes no difference in how much of an illegal substance is found on a person, the penalty is death. This is not the case in the US where there are certain factors that are taken into account when charged with a drug offense. The amount of drug is one consideration, getting caught with one marijuana joint is one thing; getting caught with a number of kilos of marijuana is something else again. In the one case the person arrested may be made to pay a fine, in the other situation where bulk drugs were discovered, this person will probably end up in prison.

The substance is also important in drug related cases. There are drugs that are considered to be a serious threat to society, other drugs can be considered recreational. A drug offence lawyer in Atlanta can usually have an offense involving recreational marijuana treated much milder than an offense that involves the bulk distribution of heroin or crack cocaine.

A third factor that is taken into account is the intention of the person charged. If the drug is for personal consumption the penalty is usually far less than if the intention is to distribute the illegal substance.

Although the greatest majority of drug offenses involve illegal drugs, it is important to point out that offenses can be committed with legal drugs as well. If an individual who has access to prescription drugs should sell them to individuals, who do not have a doctor’s prescription, this offense can be considered a serious breach of the law.