What To Do If You Are Pulled For DUI

by | Mar 8, 2013 | Legal Services

It seems that there is never a shortage of people that drink alcohol and then get behind the wheel of an automobile. And while there is no excuse for this practice, there are a number of things that you should remember if you ever find yourself in this situation. The following guide is going to beneficial for those persons that have made a poor decision to drink and drive. While this article will not cover every facet of the process it will help you in the initial phases of this issue. There are three main points that we are going to cover in this brief list and they are avoiding the situation all together, refusing to give a breathalyzer test, and asking to speak with your lawyer. Drinking has become a national past time for many people and the fun and energy that comes from a night on the town can be exhilarating, however wisdom would dictate that you need to be careful about your choices and you need to use your judgment when you are deciding to drink. As the majority of alcohol producing companies would say, drink responsibly.

First, if you have been out drinking alcohol and you are thinking about driving home, do not do it. It is never a smart move to get behind the wheel of a car or truck after you have been drinking. Most doctors will agree that even the smallest amount of alcohol can reduce your reflex time and it will impair you to some degree. The best option to avoid a DUI is to not put your self in the position to be arrested for this behavior. DUI in Easton PA or elsewhere is very avoidable and the outcome can be very serious. Not only will this issue affect your personal life and your driving privileges but it could also lead to a serious car crash that could result in the death and injury of other people, including yourself.

Another option to keep in mind when dealing with a possible DUI is to refuse giving a blood alcohol test. This could be either through a Breathalyzer test or a blood test. While this could be used against you in a case in court, it will not be as damaging as a positive test for drunken driving. DUI is a very serious matter and the courts are cracking down harder than ever. Do the smart thing and refuse the test until you have sobered up and you are confident that you can pass a test.

Finally, simply ask to speak to your lawyer. This will give you time to sober up and it is well within your rights to do so. Your lawyer could help reduce your time served as well as helping you avoid many costly fines and penalties.

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