What to do if you have been injured

by | Mar 29, 2013 | Personal Injury

There are two kinds of injuries; those you inflict upon yourself through your own negligence and those inflicted on you by another person’s negligence. The first type is your entire problem; you can just hope you are well insured to cover any and all the bills that will pile up. The second type is the problem of the negligent person or entity, it will be their insurance company that covers all the bills, compensates for lost wages as well as pain and suffering experienced. Pain and suffering and long term consequences are abstract; this is why you need to be represented by an injury law firm in Plainfield NJ.

Any personal injury that was the result of negligence is an injury that the law says must be compensated for. Most people consider injuries that were not self inflicted to be from car accidents. Of course, that is one of the principal contributors, but far from being the only one.

1. Hit and run accidents
2. Workplace accidents
3. Medical malpractice
4. Product malfunction

These are but a few possibilities, there are many more.
It is not just a person that can be negligent; it can be your employer, the city government, the manufacturer of a defective product or a doctor who makes an error. All of these will result in injury, be it physical, mental or both.

When you are injured and you hire a good injury law firm in Plainfield NJ, they will be aggressive in demanding the maximum compensation. They will have had plenty of exposure to personal injury cases in the past and have a very good idea what a satisfactory award will be.

Although the cause of the accident may be evident to you and your lawyer, it may not be that clear cut to a jury. The lawyer must prepare a very strong case in the event the suit actually goes to court. The stronger the evidence, the easier it is for the jury to agree to the demanded settlement.

If the injuries are not life threatening and there appears to be no long term implications, your injury law firm in Plainfield NJ will attempt to negotiate an out of court settlement with the lawyers representing the negligent party and his insurance company. In most cases, this will happen, however, if the injuries have lifelong impact, which is a different matter. The insurance company will often fight a case of this nature because the settlement demanded is so high, this is when your lawyer’s skills and seasoning come into play. A court room is not a comfortable place, even for some lawyers. When your lawyer is fighting for your rights and an award commensurate with the injuries, you want him to be very aggressive.

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