What to expect from a consumer bankruptcy attorney

by | Nov 10, 2014 | Attorney

When it comes to bankruptcy in the United States there are two distinct classifications; business and consumer. In both cases, a Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney can help in determining if bankruptcy is the best option in the unique case. If it is determined that the declaration of bankruptcy is the best course to follow, the attorney will prepare the case and represent the client throughout the process. A consumer attorney will advise the client when the repayment plan is being discussed as well as after discharge in the event there are problems.

The laws that apply to consumer bankruptcy are federal statutes so there is very little change regardless of the jurisdiction. An individual who wishes to declare bankruptcy is free to handle the issue personally but this is a route that is not recommended. Bankruptcy law, like all law, is complex and a layperson may find that self representation leaves him or her at a distinct disadvantage. Not only is it simple to make a costly error, the United States bankruptcy laws demand that a Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney be called upon to verify any and all statements made during the filing to make ensure that all statements are true and honest; this ensures absolute transparency to all concerned.

There are a number of options available for the individual who is about to declare bankruptcy, these options come into play during the initial discussions with the attorney and during preparation of the case. The options that are available usually consist of complete documentation supporting the debtors’ debts and all assets as well as a considerable number of court mandated forms that must be fully completed. Depending on the circumstances a debtor may file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy which means the debtor agrees to repay a certain proportion of his or her debt over a period of time. Under these circumstances the Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney must take the lead in the development of a rehabilitation plan that meets all the federal requirements. In the event the debtor has very little in the way of assets to protect the choice is usually Chapter 7 which demands that all assets be disposed of and the proceeds shared among the creditors.

Once the bankruptcy case is over and a discharge has been obtained the Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney may fade from the picture and have no further contact with the client.

As a creditor that is owed money from someone who has filed for bankruptcy you too have rights. The keys to collecting money that is due to you are speed and efficiency. If you need a Las Vegas bankruptcy attorney to assist you in collecting debt you are invited to contact the Law Office of Hayes & Welsh. They have significant legal experience and knowledge, helping clients collect debts efficiently, effectively and as quickly as possible.

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