What To Expect From A Divorce Lawyer In Bainbridge Island, WA

A Divorce Lawyer Bainbridge Island WA may present you with choices that you have not realized are available to you. Your selected attorney will allow you to select the type of divorce that fits your circumstances. You will need to explain to your attorney the details of your marriage and any significant pieces of this puzzle that are useful in this dissolution. In most cases, the divorce is uncontested and the other spouse will agree to the terms amicably. You should consult your attorney in the event that any issues may arise during the course of your divorce.

Probable Issues

When divorce cases become problematic, your attorney will need to attempt to make careful adjustments in your divorce agreement. This will enable you to acquire a divorce without the worry of going to trial. However, it may take a significantly longer duration to achieve this. It is possible that your spouse will refuse to agree based on property division or child custody. Some spouses may become argumentative for the simple fact that they fail to accept that the marriage is over.

The Inability to Let Go

Some divorces become uncontested for the fact that the other party does not want to acquire a divorce. His or her attorney may make attempts to force you into marriage counseling before accepting the terms of the divorce. If this occurs, it is probable that the divorce may take an extensive amount of time to become finalized. However, your attorney will advise you of the most effective route to take in the event that this occurs.


A divorce trial is a last resort in most cases unless the couple shared an extensive marital estate. Typically, these trials are the only option when a spouse refuses to let go. In these circumstances, the judge will make decisions based on a common interest.

In conclusion, a divorce attorney presents the possibility of acquiring a divorce without any issues. However, this is not always the case, and some divorce cases do become problematic. Your attorney will ensure that your interests are protected through these proceedings by acting as an advocate for you and your children.