What To Expect From SSI Advocates

In California, the Social Security Administration determines if disabled individuals qualify for disability programs. The programs provide monthly benefits to the claimants as a means of financial support. SSI Advocates help claimants if they are denied the benefits.

Did the SSA Abide by the Law?

The first concern for the attorney is to determine if the Social Security Administration followed all applicable laws. If the agency used loopholes to deny the claim, the attorney can identify the issues. When presenting a legal claim, the attorney shows the court how the SSA acted unethically.

Did the Claimant have Enough Evidence?

The claim is reviewed, and the attorney assesses the claimant’s medical evidence and establishes if more information was needed. Too often claimants don’t provide information that is vital to their case. For example, if multiple doctors treated the claimant for their condition, he or she must disclose the name of the doctors and their location.

Were the SSA’s Doctors Wrong?

The Social Security Administration sets up appointments for the claimant for medical assessments. The claimant visits a general medicine doctor for all physical conditions and disabilities. A separate appointment is set up with a psychiatric doctor who evaluates any mental conditions or disabilities. The findings of the doctors are reported back to the Social Security Administration. However, if the findings were inconclusive, the claimant may have a viable case in court.

Should the Claimant File a Legal Claim?

The attorney provides advice about whether or not the claimant should file a legal claim to acquire disability payments. If the claim is viable, there is a chance that the claimant could acquire the benefits. However, if the condition doesn’t meet the guidelines of the SSA for eligible disabilities, the claimant won’t receive the benefits.

In California, the Social Security Administration evaluates all applications submitted for approval. Once the application is reviewed, the claimant receives a letter explaining the outcome. If denied, the claimant has several actions to take in an attempt to acquire the benefits. A local attorney could assist the claimant with their claim. Claimants who want to learn more from SSI Advocates are encouraged to contact Eric R. Hunt Attorney right now. You can connect us at Linkedin.