When Should You Consider Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer?

It is actually a straight forward question with a straight forward answer; you should consider hiring a personal injury lawyer in Miami if you suffer an injury which is the direct result of negligence of another person or entity. Many people do not go beyond personal injury received in an automobile accident; however, there are many other instances when an injured party should consult with a lawyer.

The basic question that need answering is, “is the injury I received the result of negligence or not?” If there does not appear to be any act of negligence then it is no more than an accident, no matter how unfortunate it may be there is no way to pursue a claim. At times it can be a very thin line between what is negligence and what is not, this is one valid reason for consulting with a lawyer seasoned in personal injury litigation. If you are wandering along on a city sidewalk and all of a sudden your shoe catches on a raised paving slab, you fall and the fall results in a broken arm you may very well see this as little more than an unfortunate accident. Yes it is certainly most unfortunate for the city as they are the entity charged with the responsibility for maintaining the sidewalks, ensuring that they are in such a condition that they pose no hazard for pedestrians. In this simple example the city is negligent and they can be sued for damages.

There are many other incidences other than an automobile accident where the cause can be put down to a negligent act. Accidents are frequent on the job, if you work with machinery and the machine was left unguarded, your employer is liable in the event of an accident causing injury. If you go out in the evening with your spouse for a pleasant walk and you are attacked and mauled by a dog, the owner of the animal was negligent and therefore liable to pay damages. The examples are many, they go on and on.

If you suffer an injury and you are of the opinion that the injury is the result of an act of negligence you can sue. Once you have received the necessary medical care you should call a personal injury lawyer in Miami and discuss the details. It is important to involve a lawyer from the early stages as there are many important issues that need to be discussed in detail and if your claim is to prosper in court these issues must be brought to the fore.