When Should You Hire Services of a Professional Baltimore MD Auto Accident Lawyer?

Car accident injuries can cause severe mental, physical, and financial loss to the victim. If you or someone you know ever been in a car accident, you may know that it is hard to go through the ordeal.

The treatment cost can cause great financial stress for the victim. Apart from that, the victim has to suffer from emotional and mental suffering due to the auto accident injury.

You must know that the U.S. laws relating to auto accidents demand that the person responsible for the auto accident fully compensates the victim. Hiring the services of a professional Baltimore MD auto accident lawyer in such a case can prove invaluable in getting ample compensation for the injury.

However, remember that not all auto accident injuries can be compensated. In case evidence shows that the auto accident occurred due to factors outside the control of the car driver, the victim cannot be compensated for the injuries suffered due to the auto accident. Also, in some cases, you can obtain compensation without needing to hire an auto accident lawyer. The following questions can help you determine whether you should hire services of a professional Baltimore MD auto accident lawyer.

1. Does the car driver accept fault of the auto accident?

You do not need to file a case in the court when the car driver accepts the fault of the auto accident and agrees to provide compensation. However, in case the car owner does not accept the fault of the accident, you must get immediate help from a Baltimore MD auto accident lawyer to file a claim for compensation in the court.

2.  Has the auto accident occurred within the Statute of Limitation?

Note that Statute of Limitation specifies a deadline for filing auto accident lawsuit. Every state specifies different limitation for filing the auto accident claim that range from 1 to 10 years. The clock starts turning the day the accident injury occurred that triggered the claim for compensation. You must hire a Baltimore MD auto accident lawyer well before the due date specified in the Statute of Limitation.

3. What is the severity of the injury?

The severity of the injury also determines whether you need to hire services of a Baltimore MD auto accident attorney. You must file for compensation if the auto accident that occurred due to the negligence of another results in major injury that costs a lot of physical, emotional, and financial loss for the victim. Hiring the service of an attorney is not feasible in case of minor injuries that results in expenses that range from $1,000 to $5,000.

Answering the above questions will help you determine whether you need to hire services of a professional auto accident attorney. Professional car accident lawyers can provide you expert tips and guidance in presenting a successful case before the judge. Visit our website at Holzmanandassociatesmd.com or visit our Google+ page for more detials.