When To Consider Engaging A Disability Lawyer

by | Dec 18, 2014 | Attorney

If you are preparing to make a claim for Social Security disability benefits you may be thinking of hiring a disability lawyer in Southern California to help you with your case. When doing this you must first understand the cost-benefit ration involved. Unlike most legal cases, the cost of hiring a disability lawyer are straightforward, they are all mandated and regulated by federal law and they are either the lesser of 25 percent of the disability back pay you receive or $6,000. You are only charged legal fees should you win the case and there is little need for upfront money.

A disability lawyer in Southern California can be quite helpful and it is worth featuring the more important benefits.

The number one benefit of hiring a disability lawyer is the fact that your chances of getting approved are substantially higher than going it alone. Of course there are applicants that do apply independently and are approved on the first application but statistically these people are in the minority and that the Social Security Administration is more likely to grant an applicant who has legal representation.

Right from the application through the various levels of appeal, disability lawyers have intimate knowledge of the system and how best to present a case in the best light. Your lawyer can provide you with advice on the alleged date of onset of the disability and argue that your condition is one which meets the criteria of the conditions that are posted the “blue book” which is the list of acceptable impairments.

At the appeals level if it goes that far the lawyer will collect any substantiating documentation that the Administration asks for and submit it. The lawyer can often get an opinion from your doctor and draft a very detailed brief to the Administrative Judge that will review the application. In many cases the SJ will ask questions, your lawyer can brief you on what to expect and how best to handle the answers.

If you are convinced that dealing with a disability lawyer in Southern California is to your benefit the next question is when should they get involved? Many applicants make the initial application independently and then hire the lawyer when the application is denied. The best time to engage the lawyer is right from the start, the lawyer can provide invaluable insight into your case and you are more likely to get approved early.

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