When To Get A Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney Involved In An Accident Claim

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Attorney

Being in a car wreck is a horrible experience for anyone regardless of the severity of the injuries sustained by any drivers or passengers in the accident. Often people make the mistake of trying to handle claims in these types of accident on their own. This can be a big mistake as the insurance company handling the claim is going to do all they can to pay the lowest possible amount. Getting a Clearwater personal injury attorney involved as soon as possible if there are any injuries is always a wise decision.

What If I Am Not At Fault?

If you are in an accident and you are not at fault then you may assume, which seems logical, that you would get full compensation for any injuries you sustained in the accident. However, not all claims will work this way. Insurance adjusters may attempt to get statements from you that may indicate that you acknowledge some degree of fault or liability in the accident. This can decrease what they are willing to pay.

Making even an innocent comment to the insurance adjuster that indicates you may have looked away from the road or not seen the other driver can reduce or diminish what they are willing to pay. Remember, it is not what the driver they insured said, it is what you may say that will be the biggest issue. Your Clearwater personal injury attorney will handle these conversations for you or talk to you about what questions you should answer and which questions he or she will handle.

Who Pays?

If you are hit by a driver that is on the job, a contracted worker or someone in a company vehicle deciding who is actually going to have to deal with the claim may be a huge challenge. The at-fault driver is not likely to disclose these other insurances but a Clearwater personal injury attorney will understand the questions to ask to make sure you maximize your options with all insurance carriers.

If you have any concerns about ongoing health issues such as soft tissue damaging, internal injuries, neck or spinal pain or discomfort, headaches or any other health issues related to the accident it is critical to work with a Clearwater personal injury attorney. This is because these medical issues may require ongoing care, something that the insurance company will be trying to avoid having to pay for.

Working with a Clearwater personal injury attorney early in the process is always the best option. Your attorney will review your case and they can advise you if their services are required or in your best interest.

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