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The act of being drunk is simple, but dealing with its negative consequences in court is difficult. Additionally, knowing and hiring the right lawyer to represent you can be tricky. Below are simple guidelines on when you may need Drunk Driving Lawyer Providence;

When convicted after a positive chemical test – you will need a well-experienced lawyer to ensure you get minimal penalties under the conditions that are considered.

When you refuse to accept a chemical test – if you explicitly say “no” to a chemical test you may have strict penalties. However, if you fail to provide enough breath for the testing machine or you are ill or have an injury and the testing officer says you refused to test, then you may need a lawyer to defend you.

When you fail to test field sobriety -it is not usual to receive a penalty for such refusal, as it is not mandatory. These tests e.g. standing by one leg and nine step walk and turn only provide supportive evidence during trial. When an officer asks you to do the test, courteously tell the officer you have the right to refuse this action, without your lawyer available. However, if you are physically impaired or handicapped you do not for the test and as such, this rule does not apply to you.

When field sobriety tests fail accuracy- tests poorly done by an officer, against set standards provide unqualified and suspect conclusion. A drunken driving lawyer Providence will ensure you do not face the consequences of such mistakes.


When an officer tests your blood for blood alcohol content- if the results of such a test is used on trial you may need to contact a lawyer. These tests may not be accurate because one may be under medication and the drugs being in the blood may affect the results negatively against you.

When you refuse to carry out a breathalyzer test – Breathalyzer tools will be used sometimes during initial interrogation by authorities. Results of testing may not necessarily be accurate. In which case one shall not be convicted unjustly.

If your driving license is deemed revoked- a license may be revoked for days, weeks, months or years. This may hinder personal and professional development, which is undesirable. You will need a lawyer to get minimal or no revocation of the license.

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