When to Seek Immigration Help From a Lawyer

While the United States government doesn’t require applicants for immigration visas or green cards to hire lawyers, there are some circumstances where it’s worth spending the money to get professional Immigration Help. If the case is straightforward, it might not be worth spending the money. U.S. immigration law is complex, though, so if any of the following situations apply, it’s best to hire a lawyer.

Difficulty Figuring Out Options

There are multiple types of visas and green cards available to foreign-born workers and family members entering the country. Immigration attorneys can help their clients figure out which of the options will be the best fit for them. Some workers or family members of citizens are better off applying for immigrant visas, while others should apply for K-3 visas, and a lawyer can explain the differences between them.

Immigration Court Proceedings

It’s always best to seek Immigration Help when facing deportation or any other immigration court proceedings. When a client’s ability to stay in the country depends on the outcome of these court proceedings, he or she deserves to have legal representation. It’s often better to work with the same lawyer who has been offering help throughout the rest of the naturalization process than to resort to using the court-appointed lawyer.

Excessive Delays

Some immigration delays have more to do with bureaucracy than they do with the law or an applicant’s eligibility to get a visa. Hiring a lawyer places a middle-man between the affected party and the USCIS. Don’t bother asking USCIS information officers for advice, as they’re not experts and have no stake in the proceedings.

Difficulty with Paperwork

Even the simplest immigration case requires filling out a lot of paperwork, and making mistakes on that paperwork can cause further delays, fees, or even rejections. Immigration lawyers are familiar with all the documentation required to apply for visas and green cards. Hiring a lawyer is a good idea for applicants who are having difficulty wading through the sea of paperwork.

Get Help Now

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