When You Slip and Fall and Need an Attorney in Las Vegas

What is a slip and fall attorney? An attorney who knows how to present a case where you were injured and it was not your fault. Was a slick tile surface wet unexpectedly? Was the hotel washing the floor somewhere without posting a warning? Were supplies or tools left out in a place where you tripped and fell over them? In all of these situations, you may be eligible for recompense from the responsible party, but in Las Vegas you should hire an attorney who knows exactly how to deal with a slip and fall case.

The Details Matter

The details of your particular slip and fall case are going to be very important to figuring out whether you have a case at all, what you may be entitled to, and whether or not it’s worth it to pursue the case from a legal and financial standpoint. There are plenty of slip and fall attorneys who will be over-zealous about the case, claiming that you’re going to win or being enthusiastic at first just in case it might work out. They will probably dump you as soon as and if they figure out that there’s no money in the case for them. Someone who is experienced will ask the right questions from the start, determining just what it is you’ve got on your side and how to approach the situation rationally.

Medical Records are Important

Another key question will be about your medical records. If your slip and fall accident required that you go to the hospital, make sure you take care to collect any and all information from the doctor and nurses who see you, and that you know who to get in touch with at the hospital if you need more information. Sometimes for legal reasons you’ll need slightly different paperwork. Keep all these documents in your possession. If your slip and fall attorney says that he needs to keep them, simply make copies and keep the originals. At some point you may need to turn in the originals as part of the case filing, but make sure you get photocopies for yourself in that case. Getting re-productions of the originals may be easier.

In Las Vegas, there are plenty of people slipping and falling and getting injured. As a result, there are a lot of slip and fall attorneys ready to take on any case. Make sure your attorney knows what they’re doing.

No matter what kind of injury you sustain, if you slip and fall and are looking for a Las Vegas attorney who can help, you can rely on The Law Firm to provide expert advice and premium services.